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Why install a fire alarm system?

Because it's better than waking up with your hair on fire! A fire alarm alerts you to smoke or flames in your home, enabling you to react quickly and save your life and that of your loved ones. And because it's been mandatory since 2015!

Fast, safe and efficient detection 

A fire detector isn't just there to let you know there's a fire. Thanks to EWE, you can benefit from a wide range of detectors, each more effective than the last.

Our detectors are based on several different technologies, which work together to guarantee your safety. Not only do they detect fire, they also warn you before it starts. Capable of detecting smoke, heat, flames and gas. 

We offer you a complete site analysis, to assess potential fire hazards and offer you the best solution for your situation. EWE is there to assist you, whatever the size of your project. We leave no stone unturned. A job on a small private property is just as important as one in a shopping mall. 

The safety of our customers is and will remain our number one commitment!

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Prevention is better than cure...

Few people realize that if a fire breaks out at night, there's very little chance of the building's occupants waking up in time. A sleeping person smells nothing. The smoke from the fire spreads very quickly and asphyxiates the occupants. That's why EWE offers you fire prevention systems that are far more effective than anything else on the market, and will be your best ally in warning you of potential danger. 

Heat detectors, also known as thermal detectors, will help anticipate the worst threat to retailers (as well as private homes). Able to detect thermal bridges, signs of wear and tear, construction defects, etc., they will sound the alarm as soon as the temperature reaches They'll sound the alarm as soon as 60° is exceeded. 

Never again risk losing your stock, your possessions, or anything else you hold dear. Count on our thermal imaging cameras and their unrivalled thermal sensitivity. 

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Fire hazard analysis

Fire risk analysis is mandatory. By law, all employers are required to carry out a fire risk analysis at their workplaces. This will enable you to determine in advance the risk of a fire breaking out. To determine this, our experts base themselves on strict regulations and a thorough check-up of your premises.

L'analyse de risques d'incendie est obligatoire. La législation prévoit en effet que tout employeur doit effectuer cette analyse surs ses lieux de travail. Celle-ci vous permettra de déterminer à l'avance quels sont les risques qu'un incendie se déclare. Pour savoir cela, nos experts se basent sur une réglementation très stricte ainsi qu'un check-up complet et minutieux de vos lieux.


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