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A safe, compliant electrical environment: our commitment to your peace of mind

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EWE Electricity, your electrical compliance specialist in Brussels and Walloon Brabant.  

EWE Electricity will carry out your electrical inspection and bring your electrical installation up to RGIE standards in Uccle, throughout Brussels and Walloon Brabant, and will help you with the administrative formalities to obtain the certificate of compliance.

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From electrical inspection to compliance, we take care of everything!

All domestic electrical installations must comply with the safety regulations of the Règlement Général sur les Installations Electriques (RGIE). In addition, to guarantee the safety of electrical installations, the RGIE requires them to be inspected by an independent approved body (OCB, BTV, AIB, Vincote, ATK, etc.) every 25 years. 

Please note that non-compliant installations must be brought up to standard within 18 months at the latest. 

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Don't neglect your electrical installation's compliance!

A faulty installation can have dramatic repercussions, such as a fire, 
so it's vital to call in an experienced professional.

What's more, if you want to sell your property, a compliant installation will reassure future buyers and 
enable you to sell at a higher price 

Before contacting an accredited organization, make sure you have the following documents:

Single-wire diagram
Positioning diagram

Find out here about all the organizations responsible for checking your installation in Belgium:


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Do you have a private or professional construction or renovation project? Call on EWE Electricity, your approved electrician in Uccle - Brussels and Walloon Brabant.

All our work is carried out to the highest professional standards, within budget and on schedule.

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